Water is life. The quality of the water we drink or use to prepare our food is fundamental to our health and therefore our safety. In the west, most mains water is monitored and potable as defined by applicable standards, however this does not always mean that it is of the highest quality. Our water can contain residual contamination which affects its quality and taste, or which can affect the operation of domestic appliances (boilers, taps, heat exchangers etc.).

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Manual distributor valve, 2” 1/2 dapter Ø27 mm for manual valve Plastic plug, 3/4” +O-ring Pipe Ø27 / Ø21 mm

Aqua Cond

  • In-line device to neutralise the acidic condensate formed by condensing boilers.

Aqua PV-PP

• Slimline and compact • Designed for high strength

Aqua PV-PP Plus Drip

  • The new and exclusive distribution system inside the tank guarantees an unparalleled flow of water through the resin bed.

Aqua Select Carbon

  • Fast installation. Ideal for water used for drinking and cooking.

Aqua Select PP-GAC

  • Fast installation. Ideal for water used for drinking and cooking.

Aqua Simplex UF

  • AQUA SIMPLEX UF is AQUA’s small, compact ultrafiltration system, suitable for the final point of use.

Aqua Sky Mini/Maxi

  • Brine cabinets for water softener systems.

Aqua Soft Green Tech Maxi

  • AQUA SOFT water softeners feature a computerised control unit which provides the user with all information on their programming, their status, the softened water consumption, the number of days since the last regeneration etc.