Water is a living element which allows us to swim, relax and have fun. Sanitising the water is a fundamental requirement for using a swimming pool. Hydro Master offers a complete range of control instrumentation and dosing pumps in order to guarantee the quality and equilibrium of your pool’s water in a constant and sage manner, achieving the best results with the least consumption.

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  • Threaded water meters with pulse output.

A-Pool System PH-CL

  • A-POOL SYSTEM PH-CL pre-assembled panels.

A-Pool System PH-CLJ

  • A-POOL SYSTEM PH-CLJ pre-assembled panels.

A-Pool System PH-RX

  • A-POOL SYSTEM PH-RX pre-assembled panels.

A-Pool Top+

  • A-POOL TOP + pre-assembled panels.


  • Cylindrical vertical container with self-supporting structure, flat bottom and hatch with threaded cover.

A-Technopool System PH-RX

  • A-TECHNOPOOL SYSTEM PH-RX pre-assembled panels.


  • Cylindrical vertical container with self-supporting structure and flat bottom.


  • Suction lance with level probe.