At early stages of a project it is important to seek specialist advice to ensure no area is forgotten and to avoid problems at a later date.

Hydro Master offers a complete design service providing feasibility studies, outline or detail design preparation using computer aided design facilities, full cost appraisals,detailed specifications and contract documentation for any water feature project.

Research & Design

Hydro Master realises the necessity to remain at the leading edge of a demanding and highly competitive market. We are therefore committed to a detailed research and development programme and investment in state-of-the-art technology and manpower.

Advances in technology feed creativity and promote contemporary design. Hydro Master uses technology to provide practical solutions to complex problems whilst carefully considering both aesthetics and economy.


Hydro Master offers a complete mechanical & electrical installation package for all water feature projects. Our team of engineers and craftsmen work closely with all clients and contractors to ensure that the desired effect is achieved.

Whilst Hydro Master can provide a design for a particular scheme, we can also provide the installation for designs created by others or can simply supply the equipment and materials required to enable the installation works to be undertaken by others.

Hydro Master ca also provide a supervisory role for works undertaken by others to ensure that the installation conforms to the design specification, drawings and appropriate legislation.

A full commissioning service is offered to ensure the full effect of the display is achieved, and a maintenance package tailored to the feature can be offered to ensure longevity of plant & equipment, etc.


Hydro Master not only designs fountains and water features but also provides a full construction service for specific schemes including general builders work, concrete structures, waterproof membranes, masonry and decorative metal works.

Projects have included the full structural design and construction of large reinforced concrete pools. Alternative pool construction methods have also been undertaken such as prefabricated GRP pool sections which have been manufactured off-site to suit site conditions.

Various waterproofing techniques can be provided such as waterproof concrete, renders, in situ GRP membranes and flexible membranes such as EPDM.

The use of various cladding materials to complete a project such as stainless steel, timber, slate and granite have been supplied and installed by Hydro Master.


All fountains and water features require some degree of regular maintenance to ensure an effective display, longevity of plant & equipment and to avoid disappointment.

Hydro Master can tailor a maintenance package to suit any system, from the most basic to most technologically sophisticated.

Records are kept and maintenance reports are issued to ensure a consistent and transparent service and a strong emphasis is placed on ensuring excellent value for money.

Water quality is important with all water features especially those located in public spaces. Hydro Master maintenance staff are trained in all aspects of water feature maintenance to ensure water quality standards are achieved.

Hydro Master can also arrange bacteriological sampling to identify bacteria, viruses and other organic contamination in water such as legionella and ecoli, etc. Please contact us for further information.

A nationwide service is offered for all water features built by Hydro Master and also for features built by others. Hydro Master can act as a support team to existing facilities managers or can undertake the complete maintenance service directly for a client.

Drinking Fountains

Sales of bottled water produce enough bottles if placed end to end to reach the moon and back FIFTY times (200 billion!). How many end up in land fill?

Drinking fountains, not only in offices and other places of work but in city centres, towns, villages and public parks and even golf courses, etc., could dramatically reduce this waste.

Hydro Master have developed a range of simple stand alone drinking fountains that can be adapted to virtually any environment They are made from stainless steel, marble, granite or reconstituted Bath and Portland stone.

Flow control can be provided by self closing push button bubblers or by sensors mounted within the base structure.

Hydro Master is involved with the restoration of a number of historic drinking fountains set within town centres and public parks, ensuring that the new installations comply with Bylaws without compromising the original structure.

Please feel free to contact us for further details.