Swim Spa

Hydro Mastertiled swim spa has the capability to give its users the choice of seamlessly switching between exercise and relaxation depending on their needs.

Equipped with a counter current unit, the swim spa enables bathers to swim continuously, in position without the need for a full-length pool, while also having the option for a section of the spa to be fitted with a lounger or seat for relaxing. A Hydro Mastertiled swim spa can be installed as either a skimmer, deck level spa or infinity edge giving the variety and ability to blend with the rest of the spa or pool area as needed.

Our Hydro Master tiled swim spas are sprayed with polyurethane foam to not only increase the strength of the structure but to add an imperviable layer of insulation. The spa is mounted on to a stainless-steel frame fitted with adjustable feet making the transition and overall installation simple and time efficient.

All swim spas come with a single section drawing but multi section and 3D renders are available upon request.

Filtration packs are available with all spas and pools.

Hot Tub Service

Hydro Master offers a number of services for your spa including: opening/closing, Drain, Clean & Fill and general spa service. You can learn more about the services we provide below. For more information, contact us today.


Depending on your preference and time of year, you may find that you are not around or that you’ve decided you won’t be using your tub for an extended period of time. Hydro Master provides the service of both opening and closing your tub. Professionally closing your hot tub protects you against freezing or other damages that can be incurred from improper closing or maintenance.

Drain, Clean & Fill

To ensure proper water chemistry and to help prolong the life of your tub, we recommend you drain the water in your tub and refill it at least twice a year. We offer the service of draining, cleaning and refilling your tub so you can rest easy knowing your tub is in good condition for your enjoyment.

General Spa Service

Our service staff has plenty of experience dealing with a variety of problems related to hot tubs. Whether it be a plumbing, mechanical or electronic component, Hydro Master can assist you with all your tubbing needs.