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When building top-quality aquatic facilities, only highly specialized knowledge and experience ensures project success.

Building a pool is a knowhow!


Hydro Master

The successful design of a swimming pool facility begins with a careful evaluation and discussion of your needs.

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Hydro Master
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Hydro Master

Qatar's Leading Swimming Pool Contractors

Hydro Master Pools has been proudly providing personalized service since 2006 with the design and build of luxury swimming pools and spas. We offer a variety of services including construction, remodeling, repair and regularly scheduled maintenance of swimming pools.

Hydro Master​ delivers the technical expertise, specialized knowledge and years of critical experience that are vital to the design, engineering and construction of an aquatic facility.

2006 Establishment
1430 Construction Projects
230 Team Work
2750 Maintenance Projects

Our Services

Hydro Master presents various services since 2006.
Building Swimming Pool Service

Building Swimming Pools

Maintenance Service

Maintenance Services

Building Water Fountains Service

Building Water Fountains

Safety Service

Safety Service

Building Spa Service

Building SPA



Our Products

Explore pool product, equipment, filters, chemicals, and cleaners, that allow you to clean, run, and enjoy your pool.
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Technopool 3

  • TECHNOPOOL 3 triple peristaltic pump.

Nozzle without ball-type jet for concrete

  • ABS nozzle D.2″M-50 without ball-type jet for tiled concrete.


  • Threaded water meters with pulse output.

Nozzle with ball-type jet for panel with PVC lining

  • ABS nozzle D.2″M-50F with ball-type jet for panel with PVC lining.

Nozzle without ball-type jet for panel with PVC lining

  • ABS nozzle D.2″M-50F without ball-type jet for panel with PVC lining.


  • Aquasalt+ chlorine generator for public and private swimming pools.

Conduit for nozzle 2″1/2F-1″1/2F | 250 mm

– ABS body with housing for nozzle 2″1/2 F – 1″1/2 F – Threaded protection caps (2 pcs.)

Our Clients

This list is not exhaustive and highlights just some of our valued clients.

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